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Desert Impressions
From the San Xavier Mission south of Tucson to Arches National Monument of Moab, Arizona and Utah have an abundance of beautiful places. This screen saver captures a few of those places in a different, impressionistic perspective that reflects the spirit of the Southwest.
Antelope Canyon Screen Saver
Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon outside of Page, Arizona.  Only a few feet wide, it is among the more dramatic and mysterious places in the Southwest.
Monument Valley Vol. 1 Screen Saver
Monument Valley is one of the most photographed places on the planet for a reason. Sunlight and shadow, clouds and weather are constantly changing the mood of this very special place.
Monument Valley Balloons Screen Saver
Hot air balloons visit Monument Valley and create spectacular, unique scenes.
Navajoland Vol. 1 Screen Saver
Navajoland, or more properly in Navajo, "Dinetah" is the Navajo word for "place of the people."  The images in this screen saver all come from the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners region of America's Southwest.
Navajoland Vol. 2 Screen Saver
There were just too many images to fit into one screen saver.  This is a second set of photos from "the place of the people."
Arizona-Utah Screen Saver
From Moab and Canyonlands in Utah to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Tucson in Arizona, this screen saver features nearly three dozen images of Southern Utah and Arizonah and has recently been updated with new images and enhanced for larger desktops.
Southwest Favorites Screen Saver
Sort of a "Best of" screen saver, this one contains images that Gary enjoys the most, most likely you will too!
Four Corners Fall-Winter Screen Saver
Seldom seen by anyone but residents, these images are fall and winter scenes around the Four Corners region.
Desert Flora Volume 1
These images were taken in the desert west of Phoenix and at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum east of Phoenix near Superior, Arizona. The variety and beauty of the desert plants on display there is amazing.
Desert Flora Volume 2
There were many more excellent images than could fit in one screen saver so this is a second volume of pictures from the desert west of Phoenix and at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum east of Phoenix near Superior, Arizona.
Spring Flowers On Campus Volume 1
One of the first things any visitor to the campus of Arizona State University West notices is the beauty of the landscaping and grounds. As you will soon see, the variety of flowers on campus is quite remarkable.
Spring Flowers On Campus Volume 2
There were more excellent images than could fit into a single screen saver so this is the second volume of two. Check it out!



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