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  • All of the screen savers from Lewallen Photography have a registration fee of $9.95 (plus any applicable taxes). Why aren't they free like so many other screen savers? Because the "free" software you download is very rarely actually free. Anyone giving away free digital content is being compensated in some fashion. Either by blasting you with advertising, selling your personal information to "partners" or including additional programs in your download which are sometimes legitimate and sometimes malware. Here, when you register your screen saver it is very straightforward; there are no hidden revenue streams.

  • For procedures to enter your registration codes see the Readme file included with the screen saver or the Technical FAQ in the Support area.

  • All screen saver programs initially run in demonstration/trial mode until the registration codes are entered to unlock the full contents--there is no need to download and install a screen saver more than once; the files are the same no matter the source.

  • Currently Lewallen Photography is using a well established service to process screen saver sales: RegisterNow which is part of the DigtalRiver network.  You may order via toll-free telephone number or fax from RegisterNow.

Screen Saver Title Price RegisterNow
Desert Impressions $9.95* Order here
Antelope Canyon $9.95* Order here
Four Corners Fall and Winter
$9.95* Order here
Monument Valley Balloons $9.95* Order here
Monument Valley Volume 1 $9.95* Order here
Arizona - Utah
$9.95* Order here
Navajoland Volume 1 $9.95* Order here
Navajoland Volume 2 $9.95* Order here
Southwest Favorites
$9.95* Order here
Desert Flora Volume 1 $9.95* Order here
Desert Flora Volume 2 $9.95* Order here
Spring Flowers On Campus Volume 1 $9.95* Order here
Spring Flowers On Campus Volume 2 $9.95* Order here

* (plus applicable taxes)


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