Custom Screen Savers


Custom Screen Savers are a great way to promote your company, thank customers, market your product or services, reward or motivate employees, or present a unified message or look on computers visible to your visitors or the public. You can even market the screen saver itself if you wish. Distributed with your other products via the Internet or alone on CD/DVD/BD ROM, your custom screen saver can deliver practically any audio or visual content.  You can supply your own artwork and media files or have Lewallen Photography, or another designer, create content for a screen saver that sends your message right to your customer's desktop.    Use this form to request more information or a quote.

Key Features

Use many image, audio, video and animation formats including Flash (SWF), AVI, MPEG, MP2, ASF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, MP3, WAV, and more.

Integrate your screen saver content with your web site by connecting any or all images in your screen saver to a single or separate URLs such as product order pages.

Use screen saver images as wallpaper.

Distribute your screen saver via the web or on a custom designed CD/DVD/BD ROM.

Create demo versions that unlock with a single or unique keys.

Place time restrictions on screen savers to expire after a certain amount of time or on a specific date.

Compatible with all versions of Windows (except mobile)

Royalty free distribution (in most cases).



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